Member Terms and Conditions

By activating your account you accept the member terms and conditions for RSA Royalty as detailed below:

Membership terms
  • To be a member of RSA Royalty and receive associated benefits you must have an active RSA Home, Motor or Travel policy purchased directly from RSA Insurance
  • Only members with an active policy will be able to log in or activate an account on the RSA Royalty website. Members with cancelled or expired policies will not have access to the members’ area of
  • Membership is associated with your email address used for the policy purchase, for Tier Points on multiple products or renewals to be allocated to the same user account, members must use the same email address to purchase or renew the policy
  • Each policy should be purchased with the same email address to receive points on the same account. Refer to FAQ to see how to update an email address
  • Each partner offer, including member eligibility, is subject to terms and conditions detailed on the offer and /or voucher
  • RSA Royalty is governed by the RSA group’s privacy policy, more information can be found at
  • Only the named policy holder will have access to their reward; offers must not be shared with other individuals or they will be rejected when being redeemed
  • Upon redemption of a partner offer, the partner reserves the right to request identification from the policy holder
Tier Points
  • Tier Points are earned for policies purchased as detailed in this page click here.
    Policies not listed on this page may not earn Tier Points
  • Tier Points are earned with each new or renewed policy and added to existing Points.
  • Members who invite successful referrals that end in a policy purchase by the referred member will receive 100 Tier Points for each successful referral
  • Rewards are aligned with your Tier and you are only able to access rewards for that Tier as detailed in the offer terms and conditions
  • The following number of Tier Points are required to be in each Tier:
    • 600+ Tier Points = Gold Tier
    • 200-599 Tier Points = Silver Tier
    • 1-199 Tier Points = Bronze Tier
  • RSA Royalty retains the right to update the Tier earning structure but will ensure any Tier Points earned prior to any change are retained or converted to an equivalent value
  • Tier Points may take up to 48 hours to be allocated to your account
  • Tier Points are valid for 24 months from the date of the policy purchase provided you have been an existing RSA customer
  • If a policy expires but Tier Points haven’t expired, the account will lapse and can be reactivated to access remaining Tier Points if a new policy is purchased or renewed with the same email address
  • If a policy is cancelled less than 6 months after purchase, the Tier Points associated with that policy purchase will expire the day after the policy is cancelled
  • If a policy is amended during the policy period, Tier Points will be updated to reflect the amended policy
  • Vouchers received for successful referrals are valid for 6-months from the date they are issued