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  • How to become an RSA Royal

    Everything you need to know about joining RSA Royalty

    Taking out an RSA policy guarantees you the best coverage in the UAE. But it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the juiciest offers around too, just become a member of RSA Royalty.

    12 April 2018

  • How to buy a used car

    Our top tips on what to look out for when buying used

    The introduction of VAT in the UAE has made buying a new car more expensive, so many people are turning to the used car market. When buying a new car, it pays to know as much about the car as possible before you buy.

    12 April 2018

  • “My experience with Home Insurance”

    5 minutes with an RSA Home Insurance customer

    I was at work and got a call from one of my neighbours asking me to come home. As I pulled up to our gated community I saw 2 ambulances. My son was in one and my daughter was in the other; they had both inhaled smoke.

    12 April 2018

  • How to pack your bag in 30 minutes

    Left it late? You won’t miss your flight with these tips.

    We’ve all been there, packing in a last-minute panic! Your head is all over the place because you have to fly in a few hours and you know the plane won’t wait. In times like these it’s best to have a plan in place.

    12 April 2018

  • VAT in the UAE–here’s what you need to know

    Find out what the new tax means for your finances

    Value Added Tax (VAT) is coming in January. Wondering how it’s going to affect your finances? Read our overview to find out the changes you can expect and how you can save money.

    21 December 2017

  • Planning the perfect camping trip

    Take advantage of the cooler weather and get out there

    With the cooler weather upon us, now is the perfect time to explore the great outdoors. Before you set off, check out our tips on proper preparation for your journey.

    21 December 2017

  • Home insurance myths busted

    Here’s the real truth about RSA coverage

    There are so many home insurance myths floating around – and without knowing what’s fact and what’s fiction, you could find yourself losing money. Our article is here to help, separating the myths from the reality.

    21 December 2017

  • 48 hours in Amman, Jordan

    Our top tips for a memorable weekend away

    For a memorable weekend away, we love Jordan’s beautiful, modern capital. Check out our article for useful tips on making the most of your days in this wonderful city.

    21 December 2017

  • Can't save money? Think wise with these tips

    Learn the techniques that make saving easier.

    Saving is hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Follow our useful tips to turn your spending habits into saving habits and you’ll soon find you’ve got more money for the big things in life.

    29 August 2017

  • I bought a new car. Now what?

    How to get your new car up and running (and keep it that way).

    Buying a new car can be an exciting and daunting experience. What should you do first? What next? Help is at hand, as we’ve put together a list of the essential steps to follow in order to get your new vehicle out on the road.

    29 August 2017

  • 5 tips to optimise your storage space

    Tips to make your home feel bigger.

    With the high cost of living in Dubai, most of us could use a little more space – especially those of us in apartments. We’ve brought you a handful of our favourite tips to tidy away the clutter and make your home feel bigger.

    29 August 2017

  • 5 places to visit before you’re 40

    The best travel experiences money can buy.

    If you ask us, any holiday is a good holiday. But sometimes it’s worth spending a little more to go discover somewhere truly magical. We’ve found 5 unique destinations that everyone deserves to experience.

    29 August 2017

  • Understanding Tier Points

    Need a quick refresher? Here’s how it all works.

    Tier Points are our way of rewarding you for being an RSA customer. There are several ways to earn them. The more Tier Points you earn, the higher you climb through the tiers – and the more valuable the rewards that await you.

    07 June 2017

  • 5 nearby summer getaways to beat the heat

    You don’t have to go far to escape the increasing temperatures in the UAE

    As the summer heat intensifies, we start longing a vacation somewhere cooler. But not everyone has the budget to jet off to a balmy winter paradise like Australia or South Africa.

    07 June 2017

  • Now you can rent a car by the minute

    RTA introduces its ultra-useful Udrive mobile service

    The RTA, as part of its efforts to offer smarter transport solutions, has teamed up with Udrive and ekar for a pioneering app-based car rental service that charges by the hour – or even by the minute. It’s up to you.

    07 June 2017

  • Decorate your home for Ramadan

    Get into the festive spirit – whether you’re observing or not

    Ramadan is not only a religious occasion – it’s also a time for celebrating and sharing good times with loved ones. Welcoming family and friends into your home is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Holy Month.

    07 June 2017

  • Clarifying the new rules on car insurance

    New rules for car insurance. Same peace of mind from RSA.

    You may have heard that on January 1 the UAE Insurance Authority (IA) issued a new tariff system for vehicle insurance in the UAE, unifying Third Party and Comprehensive coverage in one policy.

    13 March 2017

  • Beat the summer heat with these getaways

    Where will your next holiday take you?

    As winter comes to an end and temperatures rise, it’s time to start looking to escape the UAE heat. If you’re planning a much-needed summer holiday, we’ve got you covered.

    13 March 2017

  • RSA celebrates 60 years in the UAE

    RSA is the first insurance company to celebrate 60 years in the UAE!

    Souks, fishing boats, and no air conditioning. It’s safe to say the UAE was a very different place in 1956 when RSA arrived on these shores from the UK.

    13 March 2017

  • Give your home a makeover this spring

    Start the new season with a stylish home

    Perhaps you’d like to update a key room in your apartment or villa but a complete overhaul is neither budget friendly or not practical, especially if you’re renting. So exactly how do you transform your space without emptying your wallet?

    13 March 2017

  • The Royal Treatment

    Everything you ever wanted to know about RSA Royalty

    Our RSA Royalty members enjoy an exciting journey through our Bronze, Silver and Gold Tiers. To help you out, the team at RSA Royalty have put together this handy guide to everything our members can enjoy.

    11 December 2016

  • Rain, rain, go away

    Navigating UAE roads in bad weather

    They say the sun shines 365 days a year in the UAE, which is one of the many reasons why people love to live here. But all that great weather can leave people panicking and unprepared when rain and fog strike.

    11 December 2016

  • Let’s get this party started

    How to throw a party without risking your home

    Party season has officially started, with lots of get togethers for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There’s a lot to consider when planning a house party. Check your home insurance is in order.

    11 December 2016

  • Let the countdown begin

    Where will you be at midnight?

    On New Year’s Eve, cities across the world pull out all the stops for a spectacular event. Whether you love experiencing new cultures or fancy a taste of the traditional, it’s the perfect time to travel.

    11 December 2016