11 December 2016

Let’s get this party started

How to throw a party without risking your home

Party season has officially started, with lots of get togethers for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. There’s a lot to consider when planning a house party – the food, the music, aligning everyone’s social calendars – but in the midst of all your planning, be careful you don’t miss something equally important – checking your home insurance is in order.

Nothing turns the dream party into a nightmare faster than discovering your possessions have been accidentally damaged, spills on your favourite rug or marks on the wall. So before you start sending out invites, check out the steps below to protect your home.

Protect your valuables
  • Remove the risk of your fragile and high-value items being damaged or stolen by locking them away in a room that’s off-limits to guests
Create a guest list and stick to it
  • While it’s great to share your home with family and close friends, it’s always best to keep it small and managable. Decide on a reasonably sized guest list and be clear about who your guests can bring
  • When sharing details of your event on social media, make sure you create a private, invite-only event
Do your background checks
  • When hiring professional services for your party – such as a caterer or valet – check that the company’s insurance is up to date. In the event of an accident or injury, an outraged guest could turn their anger (and their lawyer) on you if the responsible company’s liability insurance has lapsed
Anticipate stains
  • Accidents are inevitable at parties. People get overexcited, elbows get bumped, dips drip from chips. So keep a bottle of stain remover in an obvious place during the party. And take quick action when you spot a spillage. Stains treated right away are less likely to linger
  • You can also take a more proactive approach by not serving oily foods or ingredients that stain (like beetroot). Also make sure there are plenty of napkins and paper plates available (and that your guests use them)
Consider the safety of your guests
  • Guests can get hurt or sick in dozens of ways, so try to plan for the obvious ones. Make sure all areas are well lit – especially outside. And clearly mark or block off any dangerous areas that you don’t want your guests wandering into
  • Food safety is important too. If all your guests are sick the day after your party, it won’t take a detective to trace it back to you. Wash your hands regularly when handling food, and don’t keep refrigerated items out for too long

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