21 December 2017

Home insurance myths busted

Here’s the real truth about RSA coverage

You’d be amazed how many home insurance myths are out there. And unless you know fact from fiction, you could find yourself losing money. So read on to find out what you really need to know when it comes to RSA Home Insurance.

Myth 1: Home Insurance is expensive!

The Truth: For less than a dirham a day, you can get RSA Home Insurance. RSA will change the way you think!

Myth 2: Home insurance only covers the house itself.

The Truth: RSA home policies cover your house, valuables and personal property.

Myth 3: Homes are insured for the property value only.

The Truth: Actually, RSA insures your home for the value of its contents too.

Myth 4: My home insurance premium is based on where I live.

The Truth: RSA premiums are based only on what’s inside your home, not what street it’s on.

Myth 5: I’m only insured for what stays inside my house.

The Truth: With RSA all your belongings are insured, even if you take some out of the house.

Myth 6: My home insurance doesn’t cover me for lost items.

The Truth: Maybe other insurance companies don’t. RSA does.

Myth 7: My insurance won’t cover me while I’m moving house.

The Truth: RSA covers your furniture while it’s in transit. So you can tick one worry off your moving list.

Myth 8: If my house is damaged I’ll have nowhere to live.

The Truth: If the worst happens and you have nowhere to go, RSA will help you out with emergency accommodation until your home is fit to live in again.

Myth 9: I’m not insured against locking myself out. It’s my own fault.

The Truth: We’ve all been there. If it happens to you, RSA will help you get back in and replace your locks.

Myth 10: Home Insurance only covers furniture and personal possessions.

The Truth: RSA covers a lot more than you think – including the food in your freezer!

Let RSA change the way you think about home insurance

RSA protects your home in ways you may never have imagined. So take a few minutes to secure what you care about most with our award-winning Home Insurance, and stop worrying.