07 June 2017

Decorate your home for Ramadan

Get into the festive spirit – whether you’re observing or not

Ramadan is not only a religious occasion – it’s also a time for celebrating and sharing good times with loved ones. Welcoming family and friends into your home is one of the most enjoyable aspects of the Holy Month.

So if you’re observing Ramadan, or even if you’re not, join in the festivities of this special time by decorating your home to amaze your guests. If you’re not sure where to start, just follow the steps below.

Accessorise your home

A few well-chosen decorations will help bring the festive spirit to your home. Welcome visitors with festive banners over doors and windows, and adorn shelves with framed prints wishing Ramadan Kareem to all.

Turn up the lights

Drive past a few Emirati villas during Ramadan and you will quickly realise there’s no such thing as too many lights. You can illuminate any surface of your home, from the trees in your garden to doors, balconies and windows – evens stair banisters. Strings of fairy lights are the most popular, but you can use LED lights or electric tea lights. And to complete the effect, place a few candlelit Arabic lanterns at the entrance to your house.

Create a Ramadan display

Bring a strong Ramadan theme to your home as well as providing a focal point for your festivities, by covering your table with a traditional Islamic cloth full of colour and life. Head to Zara Home or take a trip to Souq Al Bahar or Madinat to discover a world of classic materials. This Ramadan display can be a place to exchange Eid gifts, treats that you’ve baked for friends and family, and of course, the mountains of traditional Iftar food served to break the fast each evening.

Start counting down to Eid

Part of the joy of Ramadan is the countdown to Eid celebrations. Buy – or better yet, create your own – countdown chart, tracking the days left until the festivities. If you have children, you can countdown each day with a small gift or have your kids donate a few dirhams everyday so they can give Sadaqah (a charity offering) at the end of the month.

Let RSA protect what matters to you

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