29 August 2017

5 tips to optimise your storage space

Tips to make your home feel bigger

Whether you live in a studio or a villa, we are always scrambling to find more storage space. No matter how carefully we plan each room, clutter always creeps in.

Fortunately, any living space can be optimised with smart storage ideas. The more you innovate, the cleaner your rooms will feel. Here are some of our favourite ideas to take charge of the mess and bring order to your home.

Shelves in high places

We all know the storage benefits of shelves. But look around your home and see how many you actually have. Now look at all the wasted wall spaces, particularly high up, that could easily be utilised. Consider the spaces above doors and beds in particular, as well as the TV and sofa. You’ll be surprised how much clutter you can move up and out of the way.

Utilise narrow spaces

We don’t always consider up-and-down surfaces as storage solutions, but there are many that can be put to good use. Doors are a perfect example. With bathrooms prone to clutter from toiletries and cosmetics, why not hang a rack of baskets from your bathroom door to keep them organised?

Get more from your kitchen cupboards

We all utilise the inside of our kitchen cupboards, but what about the storage potential sitting above them? Clear away the dust and move up your cookbooks and occasional china. You can also buy wide, shallow baskets to fill with cooking and baking utensils. And if you’re worried about grease and dust, simply drape a tea towel over the top.

Create under-bed storage

Utilise the space under your and your family’s beds with plastic storage boxes to hide away toys and clothes. If it’s time to replace or upgrade a bed, look for ones with built-in drawers for easier access.

Use storage to divide spaces

This tip is perfect for a small space like a studio apartment. If your living room is also your kitchen, dining room or bedroom, you can divide the space using block furniture and storage units. Cupboards built around the back and sides of a sofa is a great way to maximise your storage without taking up wall space, and even helps to define the separation between rooms.

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