Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if my policy expires but I still have Tier Points?

    If a policy expires but Tier Points haven’t expired, the account will lapse and can only be reactivated to access remaining Tier Points if a new policy is purchased, or if a lapsed policy is renewed with the same email address.

  • If I am an existing customer and purchase another policy am I eligible for 10% online discount?

    Yes. All customers who purchase directly with RSA online are eligible to receive this discount.

  • How can I earn more Tier Points?

    Tier Points can be earned by purchasing a Motor, Home or Travel policy as well as each time the policy is renewed. 100 Tier Points can also be earned when a member referral results in a policy purchased as detailed in the member referral terms and conditions.

  • How do I move to a higher Tier?

    If you are a Bronze or Silver Tier member you can earn more Tier Points to climb to a higher Tier. Refer to the My Account page for details on how many Tier Points you need to reach the next Tier. If you are a Gold member, this is the highest Tier.

  • How long are my Tier Points valid?

    Your Tier Points will be valid for 24 months from the date of the policy purchase or renewal from which earned you the Tier Points, or the referral policy was purchased.

  • How do I know how many Tier Points I have?

    You can visit the 'My Account' page or, if you are logged in, your Tier Points will be shown in the Tier banner at the top of your screen.

  • When will I receive my rewards for the members I have invited?

    Once an invited member has successfully purchased a new policy directly with RSA Insurance your reward will be emailed to you within 2 days.

  • If my friend purchases through a broker or affinity partner, will I still be rewarded for their purchase?

    RSA Royalty is a programme for direct RSA customers only. You will not earn Tier Points on referrals where the policy is not made directly with RSA Insurance.

  • Is there a limit to how many members I can invite?

    No. You can invite as many friend or family members as you like.

  • If I refer a friend, do they have to buy a particular type of policy?

    Your friends need to purchase a home, motor or travel policy directly with RSA.

  • Can I refer a friend who was an RSA customer but has lapsed since then?

    No. Only individuals who have not held a direct policy with RSA insurance can be referred, in-line with the member referral terms and conditions.

  • Can I refer a friend who already has insurance with RSA?

    No. Only individuals who have not held a direct policy with RSA insurance can be referred, in-line with the member referral terms and conditions.

  • Can I change the email address associated with my policy?

    Yes. If you have multiple policies with RSA under different email accounts, you can call RSA and ask them to change your email address. After 48 hours you can log in, you will be required to confirm your new email address. You will then receive a validation email to your new address. Once you have clicked to log in you will see all information associated with your new email address.

  • Can I change the password associated with my policy?

    Yes, you may change your password at any time in the My Account section of

  • How do I ensure Tier Points for all my policies are allocated to the same account?

    To ensure all Tier Points go to the same account you need to use the same email address for all your policy purchases. If you have not done this, you can update your address as outlined in Question 13.

  • Where can I find more information on RSA policies?

  • How long are vouchers received for successful referrals valid for?

    Vouchers received for successful referrals are valid for 6-months from the date they are issued